secret lentil 2017 holiday gift guide

Hey there. I have known quite a few of you fine people for years. And for those many years you've been buying my clothes and that's pretty much the sweetest deal going and I am super grateful for this magical cycle where crazy (and sometimes earnest, or funny, or majestic) things emerge from my head and take on fabric form and then Walk The Earth ... ON YOU. It's probably a miracle if you really think it through.

I'm sure over the past year you've noticed that I've been offering more things that aren't clothes. It's been a slow build (done in my *cough* spare time) so I wasn't quite sure how to announce it officially. But I've taken my time and thoughtfully chosen what could come on board and fit right in with my own work — aesthetically and conscientiously — and you seem to be liking the change! Whew.

Well now it's allegedly time to buy things for other people, (WUT?) and conveniently, most of these toothsome extries will make great gifts. Here they are, all categorized for your perusal. Enjoy. xo helen

Gifts for under 20 dollars - from Secret Lentil

secret lentil holiday gift guide 2017

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