Secret Lentil: A Most Friendly Purple Dress — M/L-ish

A Most Friendly Purple Dress/Tunic — M/L-ish

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I have a category in my head for shapes/things that are 'friendly.' I haven't worked too hard to put words to it, lest I hammer the magic out of it, but sometimes it's suitable for toads, certain rocks, some car models, and yes, this dress.

Friendly organic-shaped sculpted cotton dress with short sleeves and an offset neckline. On the short side so maybe it's a tunic, or petite depending on your height. 
Hand dyed in super-mottled tones of purple. Made from soft ribbed 100% cotton and sewn with exposed serged stitching.

• rough size: Medium to Large - measured without stretching at all — the fabric is ribbed and has a lot of give
• actual measurements: bust is 40 inches, waist 42, at hips it's 50, length is 33, sleeves are short — 4.5 inches

• fabric: 100% ribbed cotton jersey, dyed with professional washfast, lightfast dyes
• care: machine wash cold, machine dry 
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind  

enjoy! — helen