We Can Do It: artifacted apron-overalls inspired jumper from secret lentil

We Can Do It: artifacted apron-overalls inspired jumper

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We Can Do It:  Artifacted linen tunic / jumper made in the spirit of old-timey aprons and overalls. It has frayed trim (see the close-ups), a boxy front and back, nice flattering arched hem and OH LOOK a weathered pocket that has two sections. Secret Lentil tag proudly emblazoned on the back. We can. We can do it.

The color: I dyed this to a deep, saturated tone of green-blue indigo.
Artifacted? Is that a verb? I'm saying it is. Here's what it means to me.

• rough size: Will fit Small through Extra Large easily - very flexible and will look great oversized
• actual measurements: 54 inches along bottom of “armpits,” at hips: 62. Length is 34 in center, 40 at sides

• fabric: 100% linen, medium weight, dyed with professional colorfast dyes, sewn with a mix of finished and exposed serged seams
• care: machine wash in cold, machine dry  
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind

enjoy! — helen