Artists and Mess Makers soap from Secret Lentil

Artists and Mess-Makers Soap

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You know who you are. This soap is for people who make art and build things and slop around in sticky stuff. See also: playing in the dirt. It’s for people who are preoccupied, in the flow, until the project is done then they look up and realize it’s time to put their toys away and get their hands back up to code. It has all the good ingredients of our other soaps, including some lavender and a fresh minty undercurrent, plus some extra scrubby stuff in the form of pumice and cornmeal.

Secret Lentil Very Good Soap is high-quality cold-process soap. It’s made with just the good stuff: saponified vegetable oils (olive, coconut, shea butter), purified water and essential oils. And that’s it. There are no artificial colors or fragrances. It contains no animal products and isn’t tested on animals. Each bar is 3.5 ounces. Hand-crafted for Secret Lentil in Syracuse, New York.

"It's very good."