BONNET ~ HELMET ~ HAT - hand printed, in PLUM

BONNET ~ HELMET ~ HAT - hand printed, in PLUM

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BONNET ~ HELMET ~ HAT: this is a different treatment of my aviator hat- made from hardy cotton canvas with exposed frayed seams. Mildly apocalyptic, just punk-ish enough and also somewhat adorable. Yes, you can have it all, lol.

About the fabric: I hand printed / painted / stenciled this cotton canvas, in black and shades of gray, then over-dyed to deep shades of plum. 

This hat matches COAT NUMBER ONE.

• rough size: One size. The glass head measures 22 inches around the brow and this fits it loosely, with plenty of room for hair. Since it doesn't have to be fitted around your brow it works well as a one-sized item.
• fabric: 100% cotton canvas
• care: hand wash -  dry flat 
hand made by me in my studio
enjoy! — helen
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