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Arcane Notions: Black Artifacted Japan Jacket from Secret Lentil

Arcane Notions: Black Artifacted Japan Jacket

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The Japan Jacket. Black. Sculpted. Drapey. Architectural. Cropped. 

Dear Reader, Please bear in mind: I have never been to Japan. This is a Japan Jacket in the spirit of Kenny Shopsin's Egyptian Burrito.

"I said, 'An Egyptian Burrito is a burrito, and inside is sort of what Kenny thinks Egyptians might eat.' " — Calvin Trillin
This version is artifacted. It doesn't have patches like some of my artifacted work but all the seams are raw and frayed. Artifacting. That's my term for making a new piece of clothing that appears to be old. Here's what I've written about the process. Don't worry about it fraying further; it won't fall apart. All the edges are reinforced with stitching. 

• rough size: Small to Medium to Large — it's MOSTLY free-sized — the arm holes are generous and it's also generously cut, it just needs to lay nicely where it drapes at your waist under your arms
• actual measurements: length 13.5 in back

• fabric: 100% medium weight linen
• care: machine wash cold, machine dry or dry flat
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind

Photography and paintings by Michael Burton; makeup and modeling by Cassie Bhadrakali; clothing by Helen Carter