Special Funky Printed Gray wool scrunch cowl collar

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Scrunch cowl collar. In gray wool suiting. WITH a special feature. This is super nice quality vintage wool suiting and I was able to snag this piece that has "METRES  5    .00" printed on it. It's the only one of its kind! Caveat: I have no idea what this is printed on or if it will withstand scrubbing, in the unlikely event that you scrub it, so this comes with no guarantee of enduring printiness.

Here's what I like about this design: Well, it's handsome. But also, it's already twisted gracefully as you see it here — just cram it over your head and it automatically looks sculptural and correct. No futzing!

But if you're a natural futzer and are compelled to futz, it does have areas where angled seams coalesce nicely and you might want to put those out front if you like them. I will not deny you.

It's non-gendered. All gendered? Unisex? I don't know, unisex seems creepy somehow. It gives me weird flashbacks to trying to get punk rock haircuts in disco/cocaine-infused hair salons in the 70's. Yes, I eventually just cut my own damn hair. But honestly, I've been meaning to mention this anyway: I want anyone to wear whatever they want. So while I feel a bit odd saying that this particular item is all-gendery, in general please know that I welcome having anyone wear anything I make. I think I've implied it before, but now I've just said it. 

Okay where were we?

• rough size: One size fits all
• fabric: 100% wool suiting
• care: spot clean or dry clean.   
hand made by me in my studio
enjoy! — helen