Don’t you hate to let go of your work?” No! I make it just to send it out into the world. That’s the whole point. That and to stay on the path of making more work. I’m always looking forward, concerned with my own process, while letting the results of that process spark a connection with someone else. To me that’s a perfectly satisfying circuit.

I admit though, it does get a bit weird to have things disappear off my site and be gone forever. I’ve often mulled over a piece or collection for a long while before it becomes something in real life, then of course I’ve spent extra time and love poring over the photos, naming things and writing about them. And then they’re gone. But when you make one-offs you have to keep things moving — energy has to keep flowing. It’s better that way in the big picture.

Right now I keep a Pinterest board as a record of everything I make. It will end up being transient too, eventually. That’s okay. Many of these pieces have already found homes but you can see what I've been making lately and mull them over yourself: