Adventurina (necklace — 26

Adventurina (necklace — 26")

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For a moment there I thought we made an asymmetric necklaces. What? Not to worry, it isn't. It's a lovely string of olives, rust, black, copper and golds. A chunky cinnabar pendant is surrounded by copper beads, red sponge coral, aventurine, turquoise, glass and wood.

This necklace is a collaboration; I sit down and make these with my lovely sister Cindy Schmidt, who you may or may not know as the artist behind Cranky Cats

• made from: cinnabar (wood), wood beads, red sponge coral, turquoise, glass, aventurine, copper, magnetic clasp, on jewelry wire
• actual measurements: 26 inches long
hand made by me and my sister 
enjoy! — helen