After The Gold Rush: antique gold bonnet

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After The Gold Rush: antique gold bonnet with mustard velvet ribbon, brought to one of the best hat shapes on Earth: the aviator helmet. I've had this idea in my head since I was a zygote and I'm so happy that I've finally made these things exist in real life. I'm very nearly giddy over here, people. Very. Nearly. Giddy. 

They go great with anything earthy but have a specific affinity for overalls.

• rough size: One size. The glass head measures 22 inches around the brow and this fits it loosely, with plenty of room for hair. Since it doesn't have to be fitted around your brow it works well as a one sized item.
• fabric: 100% linen, with rayon velvet ribbon. Unlined: great for fair-weather perambulating
• care: hand wash -  dry flat 
hand made by me in my studio and hand dyed by me as well 
enjoy! — helen
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