artifacted black linen wearable art apron from secret lentil

Enigma Variations: artifacted black linen apron

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It's an apron. A wearable art apron. Layers of black linen with intricately stitched panels of frayed and torn goodness. But also practical: three pockets on the chest and a fourth large pocket await you. 

I'm picturing you wearing this as a clothing piece, like maybe layered over a bunch of other black clothes, but heck, once it's yours you can do whatever you want. Rub paint or flour all over it if that makes you happy.

Straps: cotton straps on the neckline and waist. Nice and long so this fits a wide range of folks. You can always trim them if they're too long for you.

Artifacting. That's my term for making a new piece of clothing that appears to be old. Here's what I've written about the process.

• rough size: One size fits all
• actual measurements:  the body of the apron (sans straps) measured at the center is 32 inches long - it's a tad bit longer, 36 inches, at the sides because of the arching hem; across the top the panel is 11 inches wide

• fabric: 100% linen, with 100% cotton straps
• care: dry clean if you don't want to trim a bit more fraying after you wash it. Or: machine wash on gentle, cold, machine dry or dry flat then trim a bit of stuff off it - it all depends on your adventure level
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind