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Berry-Aviator (is it made of berries, or do you pilot berries to safety)

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Berry-Aviator hat, aka bonnet. It's decked out in all kinds of lush berry-toned tidbits. Hand-stitched raw, frayed, wabi-sabi-embracing, artifacted. Stripes, mottled dye, patches, embellished with hand-dyed embroidery floss. The main hat is cotton canvas, everything else is linen and cotton of various formations.

Plus the dangly bits. It's got multiple straps of all lengths that you can let flop about, tie under your chin, or employ them to hike up the earflaps and secure it all atop your pate.

Artifacting. That's my term for making a new piece of clothing that appears to be old. Here's what I've written about the process.

Gender-flexible; Highly giftable.

• actual measurements: it's quite big. It just pulls down over your head so it doesn't have to have a brim size, per se. But it came out with plenty of room for hair and your head.

• fabric: 100% linen and cotton, various weights; dyed with professional lightfast procion dyes
• care: spot clean or hand wash in cold water, air dry
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind

enjoy! — helen