Bivouaxing Philosophical - linen vest from Secret Lentil

Bivouaxing Philosophical Vest

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Bivouaxing Philosophical ... quick, we've got to expound upon the meaning of life before we move camp down the river. 

Linen vest hand dyed in mottled olive green with some lovely black striped details - the pocket lining, and a swooshy panel, and a ... hole. Asymmetric, sculpted, mildly pod shaped.

Earthy and ready for drastic layering measures. In the last picture you can see it on top of a dress, skirt and cowl collar scarf.

• rough size: Pretty much free sized; Medium through 2X
• actual measurements: bust up to 50 inches, measured at the deep-cut armholes, at the hips it measures 68, the length varies from 36 to 42 inches

• fabric: 100% linen, medium weight
• care: machine wash cold, machine dry
hand made by me in my studio then hand dyed — one of a kind

enjoy! — helen