capelet in matte black silk from secret lentil

capelet ~ sculpted black silk

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Introducing the capelet! It's bigger than my black silk cowl collars and can be worn alone or in a stack. It's a sculptural piece, matte black, replete with a Möbius twist. These match all of my black slip dresses but will also add intrigue to any black outfit. They have a lot of bounce and stretch and texture — you can wear them a bunch of different ways. 

For inspiration see the shots of the cowl and capelet stacked up (the last pic), plus both of them worn over two slip dresses. This listing is for one capelet.


• fabric: silk organza, with non-stop rows of exposed serged seams
• care: you can hand wash this in cold water, and dry flat, but scrunched up, and it will dry in whatever shape you leave it. Really! It's remarkably sturdy.
• hand made by me in my studio 

enjoy! — helen