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  • Secret Lentil Deluxe Triple Butter Soap
  • Secret Lentil Deluxe Triple Butter Soap
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Cedar Sutra — Secret Lentil Soap

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Earthy cedar majesty, balanced with the lushness of amber, with a light touch of honey. It's similar to our candle of the same name so if you like one they might both become favorites. They're both popular at our house, though I'm a bit biased, as well as being a known cedar-fiend. 

Secret Lentil Soap. High quality, moisturizing cold-process soap with triple butter richness — from shea, mango and cocoa butters. Rustic shapes, in handsome packaging. Each bar is roughly 4 ounces. Curated and designed by me, they are hand-made in small batches just for Secret Lentil in Upstate New York.