blackhusk canvas pod vestcoat from secret lentil

Enigma Variations: blackhusk pod vestcoat

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Pod-shaped sculptural vest coat made from sturdy black cotton canvas. Sewn with exposed seams (serged and traditional) and bespeckled with swaths of tiny frayed holes. Oversized in the hips, asymmetric, not lined but made from rugged fairly heavy canvas. This is outerwear, my people. Two gigantic side pockets. 

You can switch up which front flap you wear on top - I've shown both in the pictures.

And YES these black canvas hats match this piece. Wear them together and you'll be my hero forever. And probably your own hero as well. And to countless others who wish they had your gumption.

• rough size: Fairly free sized and spacious. It looks good here on my tiny dress form and it looks good on me; my bust size is about 48 inches. So really, it's flexible
• actual measurements: bust, measured across the bottom of the low arm holes is 60 inches around, and the length varies from 30 to 40 inches at the longest tip

• fabric: 100% canvas
• care: dry clean if you don't want to trim a bit more fraying after you wash it. Or: machine wash on gentle, cold, machine dry or dry flat then trim a bit of stuff off it - it all depends on your adventure level
 hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind