Hand dyed linen drop-crotch pants from secret lentil

groundwork: linen pants

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I'm pretty sure I've told a bunch of you I WILL NEVER MAKE PANTS. Well I changed my mind. So, this pair is a test run for pants I will soon have in a set pattern IN A NUMBER OF SIZES. (How soon? Uhhh, it will take me a while. Yes, there will be plus sizes.) 

This pair: is cropped. Is also proportioned PETITE. Check the measurements. Has a dropped-crotch. (Isn't there any better phrase for that? Don't say harem.) Has a 3/4 inch elastic waist. Hand-dyed in earthy mud browns, chestnut and khaki. They have NO POCKETS for which I apologize. The final design versions will have pockets.

• rough size: Medium-ish to Large-ish, petite
• actual measurements: waist fits from 27 to 34 inches comfortably, full length (down side seam, from waist to hem) is 33, rise is 18, at hips they are 48 inches
• fabric: 100% medium weight linen
• care: machine wash cold, machine dry low
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind