Inspector 12: artifacted wool vest from secret lentil

Inspector 12: artifacted wool vest

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Inspector 12 is tough but fair, and she says you PASSED. 
Inspector 12: artifacted wool vest. It's a freeform wild raggedy one-of-a-kind vest inspired by the concept of suits and tailoring but obviously the whole notion has gone off the rails of caution and precision and chalk lines, right into some funky lovely chaos.
Made from three weights of wool suiting, it has a variety of stitching - rows of large basted stitches, tiny stitches, jagged stitches, plus fraying all over. (It's all decorative though, the piece itself is super substantial.)
It ties closed at the front with one long tie and a loop. Then there are three dramatic ties along your left side. If we spin it around to the right there's a big exterior hanging pocket, and above that a panel with a pieces marked PASSED that came from the vintage wool this was made from. 
Hand and machine sewn, then hand dyed to lush shades of brown.
Artifacted? Is that a verb? I'm saying it is. Here's what it means to me.
• rough size: will fit Small through Medium and into Large
• actual measurements: bust 36 to 42, hips 48, length 32 to 37

• fabric: 100% wool, dyed with professional colorfast dyes, sewn by machine and by hand
• care: dry clean
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind 

enjoy! — helen