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Into The Fray — Linen Scarf Hand-Stitching Kit — Soft Cranberry-Brick + Camp Green

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Into The Fray - Secret Lentil Linen Scarf Kit
Welcome to the Fray! I've made a kit for you to make your own hand-stitched scarf. I did all the messy part: hand-dyed a long linen scarf in rustic mottled tones, with frayed edges; hand-shibori-dyed coordinating linen patches, in a variety of patterns and sizes. 

Perfect for slow-stitch explorations. Use as-is or add your own embellishments.

There are a limited number of kits in this colorway. When they're gone, they're gone. I'll be making new batches in different combinations, but will never make more exactly like this.

Your Scarf Kit includes:
• 1 linen scarf — 100% linen, hand dyed in mottled tones, with raw seams, 9 x 72 inches. Dyed with professional procion dyes.
• 7 patches — hand shibori-dyed, also 100% linen with raw seams, various shapes and sizes, chosen for you
• 6 yards embroidery thread — cotton, 6-stranded, hand-dyed (if you split it into 3 strands as I do, you'll have 12 yards)
• 1 embroidery needle — with a nice large easy-to-thread eye
• When I have extra tidbits — you'll get those too!

+++++ Do you want more patches for your project? +++++
Pick up some SMATTERINGS to add to it. You can get a pack for free whenever you buy 2 scarf kits. Just plop the code IntoTheFray into the discount code box as you check out.