I've Seen Things: artifacted vest from secret lentil

I've Seen Things: artifacted vest

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I've Seen Things: artifacted vest. I think a lot about what I'm doing with these pieces — okay yes, possibly too much — but what it comes down to is this: I like to look at old stuff. It satisfies my soul. I am not about new and shiny and precision and maiden voyages, with all the false purity and myths about perfection those imply. I'm about time, wear, mistakes and damage and repair and continuing to forgive ourselves for forgetting to put the bins out on garbage night, and for the big stuff too: for digging deep into unspoken shames and setting those out into the sunlight then moving forward with our imperfect bodies leading truly messy sweet caring wonderful lives. It extra satisfies my soul to make this work. Sometimes I want those holes and repairs to be visible. It helps us know we're all in this together. It makes space for us to show up every day, damaged but still whole, repaired (and possible stronger for it), to do the good work of caring for each other.
Okay, now nuts and bolts:
Intricately built by piecing layer upon layer, then deconstructed with fraying and shredding, then patched by hand some more, then dyed, this vest is a Secret Lentil collector's piece. Wear it for the rest of your life, or hang it on the wall. Or heck, you could hang it on the wall then take it down and wear it once in a while just to stir things up.
It's been dyed to shades of deep brick reds and indigo blues and grays that are almost black. There is mildly contrasting hand-stitching in gray. The stitched collar has muted aqua thread offset by a small surprising swoop of red highlights. 
I've shared several close shots of the "wear" and fraying and stitching, please savor them. The last shot shows the inside. If you have questions or would like additional photos just let me know.
Artifacted? Is that a verb? I'm saying it is. Here's what it means to me.
• rough size: Medium-ish
• actual measurements: It's boxy so check the bottom measurement to see if it will work with your hips. bust and bottom hem measure 46 inches, length is 26

• fabric: Mostly linen - maybe 80 percent, plus some cotton, dyed with professional colorfast dyes, sewn by machine and by hand
• care: dry clean. Unless you're up for the adventure of washing it then trimming some fraying, which could also work and be interesting.  
• hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind 

enjoy! — helen