normalish - chartreuse tunic from secret lentil


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I have made a lot of super eccentric pieces of clothing over the years. Sweaters with holes and MOTHS written on them, dresses with several extraneous tubes and flaps, things that need directions for how to climb into them ... but I have a soft spot for pieces like this tunic, that are truly odd but in a subtle way that harried people at the grocery store, or family members who don't want to fully take in how peculiar you are, may conveniently not even notice.
This tunic fits in the bust then is super full and drapes and is sculpted and is mildly asymmetric. One sleeve has a cuff and is elbow-length. The other - see the second picture please - is a full dolman sleeve that is also trimmed with a cuff. The neckline is asymmetric.
• rough size: Large to Extra Large
• actual measurements: bust 44 ish, at bottom hem it is 76 inches around, length 30 to 34, one sleeve is 18 inches, the other is about 23

• fabric: cotton / lycra jersey, medium weight, and sewn with a mixture of finished and with serged seams. Hand dyed with professional colorfast lightfast dyes.
• care: machine wash on cold, machine dry
• hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind 

enjoy! — helen