Par Avion: one sleeved dress from secret lentil

Par Avion: one sleeved dress

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Par Avion: one sleeved dress. Every once in a while I get carried away making something eccentric and at the end realize "I better have someone try this on and make sure it's a piece of clothing." In this case this dress fits me. So I did. And I can confirm: it is a dress. Not only is it a dress, but it also fits in a surprisingly balanced way considering it's all asymmetric plus it only has one sleeve. Well, it's not a total surprise. I'm being coy; I really did plan it this way.

So, it has overlapping layers of fray-edged panels, and a full shape that drapes super nicely. I felt like some kind of super serious powerful choir member swooshing down the hall to look in the mirror. Like maybe I was covertly carrying a scroll with lyrics to a secret song that could, oh, I don't know, hold sway over the electoral college, maybe. 

The Sleeve is a dolman affair, cut wide even at the cuff, and is 3/4 length. It's a nice sleeve. Everybody likes it.

About this color: I have dyed this garment to a deep saturated shade of navy blue.
• rough size: will fit 1X through 3X
• actual measurements: bust 48-ish inches, waist 58, hips 70, length 42 to 52, sleeve 18

• fabric: 100% linen, medium weight, dyed with professional colorfast dyes, sewn with a mix of finished and exposed serged seams
• care: machine wash in cold, machine dry  
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind 

enjoy! — helen