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purple and olive green artifacted coin purse

purple and olive green artifacted coin purse

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Coin purse! Hand-stitched raw, frayed, wabi-sabi-embracing artifacted coin purse. Mottled dye, hand-stitched patches, embellished with hand-dyed embroidery floss. In olive green and purple. Cotton twill strap. Gusseted bottom. 

Artifacting. That's my term for making a new piece of clothing that appears to be old. Here's what I've written about the process.

Gender-flexible; Highly giftable. It's actually big for a coin purse - see the picture of me holding it in my Large American Hand.


• fabric: 100% linen and cotton, various weights; dyed with professional lightfast procion dyes; Soft and squishy - it's stuffed in the pics.
• care: spot clean or hand wash in cold water, air dry
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind

enjoy! — helen 

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