Arcane Notions: blackhusk pod vestcoat from Secret Lentil

RARE OPPORTUNITY: custom order for a blackhusk pod vestcoat

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Hi. I don't do this often but I have gotten a few (very polite and patient) requests from Jean for a custom-made version of this vestcoat and I'll be making one for her this week ... so I'm opening up an opportunity for a few other people if you want one, too. There is one slot left right now. There is a very brief window for this chance - I've got a heap of new projects I'll be moving on to soon. 

I'll be making you a similar version of this piece. Some parts of the process are improvised so it won't be an exact copy but the basic shape, zeitgeist and holes will all be there. If you look at my other versions of these you can see that they are mostly the same piece, mostly, with each having some variety in shape and details. So you'll be getting something like these, in black, in this same free-size.

You can expect me to mail it out in about three weeks. Probably sooner, but I just got over the flu (ummm, do not get the flu) and I am allowing extra time to nap on our magical studio couch.

description: Pod-shaped sculptural vest coat made from sturdy black cotton canvas. Sewn with exposed seams (serged and traditional) and bespeckled with swaths of tiny frayed holes. Oversized in the hips, asymmetric, not lined but made from rugged fairly heavy canvas. This is outerwear, my people. 

• rough size: Fairly free sized and spacious. It looks good on my friend here and it looks good on me; my bust size is about 48 inches. So really, it's flexible
• actual measurements: bust, measured across the bottom of the low arm holes is 60 inches around, and the length varies from 31 to 38 inches

• fabric: 100% canvas
• care: dry clean or hand wash and dry flat or on gentle
 hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind

Shown with the gothbonnet and the artifacted dress with pencil pocket.
Photography and paintings by Michael Burton; makeup and modeling by Cassie Bhadrakali; clothing by Helen Carter