RESERVED! FOR CATHY black slip dress

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PLEASE do no buy this listing: it's reserved for Cathy. Thanks!

Translucent, ethereal, otherworldly sculptural scrunchy slip dress. 

This dress is matte black - it's full and flouncy - short on the sides and come to a point at the front and back hem. Scrunchy shoulders.

Super lightweight. Pair it with a matching silk capelet then toss a matching cowl collar over that. Layer it over anything. You could go with sleek lines underneath or you can play with body — like a full billowy skirt or a crinoline. This could be super dressy or super raw. I'll be extra happy if you add striped leggings and combat boots but do what your heart wants, not what I want, okay?

• rough size: will fit Small through 2X. These have a ton of give - the upper measurements will still have plenty of crinkle - I did not extend them fully when I measured.
• actual measurements: bust at low armholes 50 - will fit 38 to 50, hips fit 44 to 66 length 30 at sides and 47 at the tips

• fabric: silk organza, with exposed serged and some raw seams
• care: you can hand wash this in cold water, and dry flat, but scrunched up, and it will dry in whatever shape you leave it. Really! It's remarkably sturdy.
• hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind 

enjoy! — helen