Svarthall: black linen vest from secret lentil

RESERVED for Cathy C Svarthall: black linen vest

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THIS PIECE IS RESERVED FOR CATHY C! Do not buy it, please, unless you are Cathy. Thanks so much.

Svarthall: deep jet-black linen vest with dramatic lines and a series of holes meandering up one side — plus one tucked down low on the back. Across from the holes up front, the other side has a textured panel. Oh, the layering you will do with this! We photographed it all black-on-black but think what fun you can have putting bright colors under it. I'm picturing tangerine orange.
This listing is for the vest. The dress is available separately.  Please notice how long the armholes are when you're wondering if it will fit. Yes, it probably will.
• rough size: I'm going to go ahead and say one-size fits all, unless you are super petite. I meant it! Read the numbers below.
• actual measurements: bust (?) - well it’s VERY flexible because of the super deep armholes. Just to give you an idea, from looooow armpit to loooooow armpit it measures about 66 inches around.At the hips it’s around 80. The length varies from 29 at the shortest front flap to 47 at the longest tip.

• fabric: 100% solidly medium-weight linen, pre-washed and dried
• care: machine wash and dry  
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind

enjoy! — helen