sidetracked striped skirt from secret lentil

sidetracked skirt

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Black and white stripes! YAY. And in comfy stretchy jersey. Double yay. This skirt has swirls of stripes that culminate in a side pocket! Plus there's another angled section on the other side of the waist that didn't make it into the picture. Trust me, you love it.  And oh my goodness, guess what will match this perfectly? These arm warmers.

Please note: this is much larger than it looks - I clothes-pinned it to the dress form for the photo - so take a look at the measurements.
• rough size: 4X to 5X
• actual measurements: waist will fit 52 to 60 inches comfortably, hips measure 70, length is 28 to 36
• fabric: cotton / lycra jersey, medium weight
• care: machine wash and dry
• hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind 
enjoy! — helen