linen napkins from secret lentil

Noncomittal Rorschach gray/black linen napkins (set of 4)

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Secret Lentil Napkins — Black on gray napkins with tiny sketchy lines (see the close-up) and some splotches. Kind of like a Rorschach test that doesn't really care what answers you give. You might as well just wipe your hands on them then, I guess. 
Set of four unique-but-coordinated hand made, hand-dyed linen napkins. The whole set comes wrapped in a handsome leather tie, just like in the picture. Gifts! These make great gifts. They're eco friendly! They make you feel fancy!
(If you're averse to leather mention that in the note when you check out and I'll tie them in some other pretty thing I find around the studio.)

• size: 11 by 11 inches
• fabric: 100% linen, dyed with professional colorfast dyes
• care: machine wash in cold, machine dry 
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind
enjoy! — helen