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Secret Lentil SMATTERINGS  - hand dyed tidbits for textile artistsdeep teal blue and greige

smatterings — hand-dyed tidbits for textile artists — deep teal blue and greige

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Add unique details to your textile arts projects with SMATTERINGS — batches of natural fabric pieces that I've hand-dyed in lush mottled tones, or folded in mini-shibori patterns. (Yes, I fold each little piece!) Earthy, organic, raw, energized. Use them for patches for visible mending, boro, sashiko, or any slow fashion or hand-stitching work. Use the trim for, uhhh, well, trim. Work them into your fabric collage. Make pockets or other embellishments for your wearable art projects. 

Smatterings: like a kit, but for stubborn creative people who don't want to be told what to do.   enjoy! — helen  

• You'll get exactly the pieces you see here.
• Almost every piece has raw torn edges so they are square.
• Color Palette:
deep teal blue and greige, all linen
• Care: wash in cold water — dyed using washfast procion dyes