Smudge Stick: Fruition Dress (2X/3X-ish)

Smudge Stick: Fruition Dress (2X/3X-ish)

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Fruition. The dress. You have come to fruition! Your plans may have seemed sketchy at times, or downright dubious, but dang if they didn't pay off after all. Satisfaction is yours. You are bearing fruit, good person. Bearing. Fruit. 

Fruition has a pleasing organic kind-of-pod-esque shape — fitted on top then it's super full in the hips — with a mildly arched hem. The hem, neckline and lining of the deep pocket are STRIPED. That's good. Stripes are very good. It has elbow-length sleeves. (Which means, if I may be so bold, that you could add a pair of armwarmers to this whole affair, hint hint. I know, it's not subtle.)

This iteration of Fruition has been hand dyed, by me, in lush layers of mottled sage greens. This jersey ends up looking super velvety after it's dyed. It's fairly magical.

I've just started making the Fruition in a range of sizes and colors, so peek at the dresses section to see what others I have right now. 

• rough size: 2X to 3X
• actual measurements: bust measures 48 inches without stretching, hips are 66, length varies from 40 to 46, sleeves 13

• fabric: cotton/lycra jersey dyed with professional wash-fast, lightfast dyes 
• care: machine wash cold, machine dry 
hand made by me in my studio then hand dyed 

enjoy! — helen