Sweet Tooth! Field Notes in Turquoise and Lemon and Muted To-mahto

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Sweet Tooth! Bold bright Field Notes memo books in lemon yellow and turquoise and a color I'm calling 'muted to-mahto' but you have to say it that way or it doesn't work. It's a deep red that hints toward coral but isn't coral. Yes, the pages are the same color as the covers.

Oh! Oh! Perforated pages. These have perforated pages. Blank (unlined). The covers are printed in purty shiny metallic ink.

You get a bundle of three memo books, one of each color, and each book has 48 pages. They measure 3 and a half inches wide by 5 and a half inches high. 

Why do you care about Field Notes? Read "Six Reasons You Are Probably Going To Like Field Notes" and see if that clears things up. (I wrote it.)