The Rule Of Three: black linen vest from secret lentil

The Rule Of Three: black linen vest

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Jazz trios, ice cream scoops, slogans (stop drop and roll, laugh out loud), little pigs:  omne trium perfectum. Everything's better in threes. This vest is adorned with three scruffy frayed-and-stitched magic circles piled one on top of each other. I feel like wearing it will protect you from people who want to steal your best ideas, or pour emotional gasoline on every dying ember, or just try to slow time to a dull droning slog while they lecture you on the proper way to replace sod, which you never really asked about to begin with.

It's made of super jet-black linen. It has a reinforced collar with raw frayed trim, and a wavy front and nice organic flowing shape. I find it to be just witchy enough. And I always mean good witch.

• rough size: I'm going to go ahead and say one-size fits all, unless you are super petite. I meant it! Read the numbers below.
• actual measurements: bust (?) - well it’s VERY flexible because of the super deep armholes. Just to give you an idea, from looooow armpit to loooooow armpit it measures about 80 inches around, hips free, length varies from 29 to 43

• fabric: 100% solidly medium-weight linen, pre-washed and dried
• care: machine wash and dry  
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind

enjoy! — helen