Utility: Field Notes Memo Books

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Well first of all: safety yellow. A sure sign that you want to get things done and look like you mean it at the same time. Field Notes puts out special seasonal offerings and these Utility books are their newest. Now I'm skipping right to the punchline: THEY HAVE A LITTLE RULER THAT FOLDS OUT FROM THE BACK. Plus lined ledger-style paper. 

Do you ever go out and buy cleaning supplies because it helps you gather your psychic forces for upcoming house cleaning? That's kind of how I feel about these. They make you feel like heck yes, I can do the thing. I can. I am prepared.

You get a bundle of three memo books, and each book has 48 pages. They measure 3 and a half inches wide by 5 and a half inches high. 

I also talk about them here, in "Six Reasons You Are Probably Going To Like Field Notes."