zen-splortch: red and black edition lagenlook dress from secret lentil

zen-splortch: red and black edition

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zen-splortch: red and black edition. Red and black linen dress. Asymmetric, lagenlook, bold, zen, unapologetic. See the Spec Sheet for details.
And yes, the Spec Sheet comes with the dress. Hand-forged on ledger paper (circa at least 1994 - Mike remembers that we got it at a thrift store in Oregon, so that would be the year) and featuring my "endearing" drawing skills, details about the piece typed on my 1940's Smith-Corona portable typewriter, with my Helen Seal of Approval plus stamps from my WW2-era semi-complete rubber stamp alphabet, and an occasional fingerprint smudge.

• rough size: Large
• actual measurements: bust 42 inches, waist 50, hips 62, length 34 to 44

• fabric: 100% linen, medium / heavy weight, dyed with professional colorfast dyes, sewn with a mix of finished and exposed serged seams
• care: machine wash in cold, machine dry  
hand made by me in my studio — one of a kind

enjoy! — helen