secret lentil is

improvisationally sewn body-friendly eccentric clothing — hand made one at a time by me in my studio in Syracuse New York.

I believe in pairing comfort with weirdness. In equal measure. Comfort + Weird = Good. Trust me, it's a winning formula that makes every day a little bit better.

I embrace wabi-sabi sensibilities and find deep satisfaction in gently unearthing the inherent authentic raw nature of things. And I'm 
fond of the spare spacious opportunities of minimalism. Plus: I like to laugh. Quite loudly. I meld these proclivities into outfits that propel us bravely out into this flawed world and help us thrive in the ways that matter: in solidness, in connectedness, in curiosity and levity, in joy and awe. Thanks for joining me. — helen

secret lentil: protective gear for your internal revolution