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I have other stuff I make on these Etsy shops.

Dal DyeWorks hand dyed clothing on EtsyOn Dal DyeWorks I have clothes that I've hand dyed. Adventurous, fun. Possibly even festive? But sometimes earthy, because I can't help it. My soul is ochre.
ephemeraLentil handmade ephemera on Etsy
And EphemeraLentil: I make ephemera supplies for your mixed media, collage, junk journal, art journal and scrapbooking desires. Hand painted papers, sold in mystery packs. PLUS stickers! Lots of stickers. Never trust anyone who doesn't love stickers.
secret lentil outpost
Also also, Secret Lentil Outpost. Right now it's mostly what you can get here, except it's over there.