helen carter of secret lentil

Hi. I'm Helen. I'm a friendly freak — a minimalist with a strong absurdist streak who likes to make clothes that explore, blend, cross [and possibly desecrate] all the lines within those realms. I'm an artist, not a fashion designer. I sculpt clothes.

About the work: I like dour things with hidden punchlines, and stupidly funny things with dark underbellies. I thrive on turning ideas into wearable objects. I dream that my work could somehow emerge from — and exist outside of — this blip in time that we share together. I'm attached to that idea and not sure exactly what it means. I don't think it even makes any sense: I still want it. I like to cook spicy pastes and swear a lot. But mostly: I'm committed to the paradox of making meaningful clothing.

About the process: I sew intuitively, blending materials and techniques to suit my needs. I like deconstructing. I like exposing the process. I embrace wabi sabi. I enjoy the alchemy of combining the sturdy with the raw. I'm interested in sincere wildness and joining others who are exploring a deep, abiding, pursuit of authenticity.