Allow me to introduce Very Good Candles

Very Good Candles from Secret Lentil

You guys, you guys. I have candles for you. Secret Lentil Very Good Candles are made from soy wax, with lead-free cotton wicks, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and no dyes. They are a satisfyingly big 8 ounce size and come in a lidded aluminum tin. Expect a 55 to 60 hour burn time. They are hand-poured in small batches just for Secret Lentil in Syracuse, New York. They're very good.

Secret Lentil soy wax Very Good Candles

Right now I have them in six scents: Grandma's Pipe (mmmmmm tobacco-ey), Percolator (COFFEE), Rosemary Mint (yum), Sandalwood (earthy), Sun-Fresh Linens (bright) and "Who Doesn't Like French Toast?" Because really, who doesn't? I've chosen more lovely scents that I'll be sharing soon.

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