Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde, probably

Secret Lentil black wabisabi linen distressed corset

It's a source of never-ending wonder to me that I can only make things that, well, flow from me. If you're an artist / maker you may be nodding right now. It's going to be Summer soon, I thought. Maybe I can make some light ethereal tops with straps, sort of like camisoles? (A word I don't even feel feminine enough to say out loud. It was weird just to type it.) Okay, yes, I'll try that.

A few days later ... here I am still working away at this piece, adding layer after layer until it's just shy of full-blown body armor. It's just what wanted to happen.

Black linen wabi sabi corset / camisole - Secret Lentil
(another in-process shot)