crackers. (plus a bonus kitten)

I’m a recent convert to how easy it is to make crackers. You pretty much grind up anything, squish it out, bake it on low and poof - it’s a cracker. I’m making crackers this morning. It’s also the first day of baking-for-heat, that delightful Fall and Spring phenomenon where having something in the oven takes the chill out of the air, plus you get some food out of it at the end. AND I’m wearing socks, which I swear will mean it feels like the first day of school no matter how many years I live.

keto seed crackers

When I’m spending a few days at home dyeing or printing clothes in the basement I usually end up cooking a lot too. So a day revolves around taking our freezer scrap collection and turning it into broth in the Instant Pot, then trotting back down the stairs to poke at a bin of tunics brewing in their own special sauce. It’s all very satisfyingly witchy, having these magical vats doing my bidding all over the house, relying on me to tend them but also mostly doing their own thing.

secret lentil hand dyed tunic


So far today it’s crackers, and printing some scarves. It’s so cozily integrated to have these life-things mesh together that I inevitably have a wave of “wouldn’t it just be nice to do all my work here” but that passes. It’s good and different to return to the studio. Out of one cave and into the other. They’re both good caves.

jimmy patterson

Except one has a kitten in it now, so it’s a bit tougher to pry myself out.

You're Jimmy Patterson
p.s. today's crackers are a version of this recipe for keto seed crackers. I never make them exactly this way but they work every time.

Today I used:

sunflower, chia, sesame and flax seeds, some nice dry grated parmesan, a bit of psyllium husk powder, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne, melted coconut oil and boiling water. I didn't add salt because I had salted sunflower seeds and the cheese is salty.