ephemeral concerns

ephemeralentil on etsy handmade ephemera

I don't know if time exists.

But energy does?
I think of how I use my alleged time as how I use my alleged energy.
Even if I'm wrong, this works for me. And you know I'm on team 'do what works for you.'

This is kind of about spare energy but also about spare paint?

As I make painting paintings I splop extra paint elsewhere and make lots of collage fodder for myself. It's weirdly satisfying. (It's actually DEEPLY satifsfying — like, it creates a complete circuit of dopaminification — but I'm trying to not get too weird on you here.)

So then things got nutty and I starting making more then poof, I tripped and accidentally opened a leetle Etsy shop, EphemeraLentil. As you do.

dark and earthy ephemera from ephemeraLentil on etsy
The papers are all kinds of new, vintage, whatever I can dig out of my attic, mostly — painted, printed, stenciled, just what sparks ye olde joy at the moment. It's also helped me come to terms with my gelli plate. We got off to a rough start but now I adore it.

gelli plate - secret lentil
Oh. THEN I realized I could do the same thing to stickers.

STICKERS. What kind of monster doesn't like stickers?
So now I'm churning those out too. 
ephemeralentil etsy stickers

In my head it's a way for me to collaborate with other makers?

But, you know, in an introvert-friendly passive way I guess. Some of my work energizes some of your work, without any horrid group-project dynamics. If you make something with these send me pictures, then we'll be coworkers but I promise not to trim my fingernails at my desk or share details about my dreams over morning coffee.

In conclusion, here it is, ephemeraLentil.

ephemeraLentil on etsy