flashback, with magic wand

helen carter with magic wand, 2007
2007 FLASHBACK. For someone who could barely tolerate keeping a job for 2 years I've somehow been doing this paradoxical dive into clothing-building thing for eons now. I guess because it's more of a path than a job — a creative and spiritual pursuit filled with more than a lifetime of curiosity, problem-solving and stupid-joke-making that hopefully in some sideways way pays my bills often enough.

I've always love-hated clothes, with the most weight on the hate side of the scale. So summoning meaning and reverence out of fabric is, I guess, turning into my life's work? *looks around furtively* Okay then.

This is from my first home studio, before my dozen-year stint at Delavan Studios. I still have that 3x5 card. — helen