greige + stripes

greige and striped linen from secret lentilGreige is not a pretty word, is it? It sounds like some kind of slurry or slip that has some unexpected grit mixed in. But I'll tell you something: the whole time I've been working with this linen every person who has stopped into the studio has interrupted themselves mid-sentence to say how attractive it is. Well maybe not the UPS dude, but everyone else. Yes it's sort of the color of "natural" linen, and it is nice and crinkly and rustic, but it also has more gray mixed in. A bit more oomph. It's not a non-color, if you know what I mean.

secret lentil linen lagenlook dresses and vests

I made a series of dresses and vests from it. They have blackhole pockets and are all fluttery and billowy and fun. And then. Then I added some of the black and white striped linen and went a bit berserk, with contrasting holes and pockets and panels and trim. No two pieces are exactly the same.

secret lentil linen dress and vest

Here's a dress with a vest over it.

The dress pocket is turned outward and sticking through the side portal of the vest.

Speaking of berserk ...


I got my trusty stamps out to make a new batch of tags yesterday, because of course I make them by hand, in my spare time *nervous laugh* — apparently Mike washed them last time since they are so clean, but also because they now spell "eillnrsetcte." I found myself staring at it for so long and enjoying the nonsense of it that I was compelled to print some. So yes,

secret lentil?

this new collection is tagged eillnrsetcte