heathen prayer beads

heathen prayer beads necklace - secret lentil

I've always been aesthetically smitten by prayer beads of various sorts — the simple materials, the sleek design — but I'm not a praying person and have never felt they could rightly belong to me. I decided that I deserve some too, so I made them, because I'm my own god, I guess? Or at least, I'm my own disorganized but somehow lovable sentient creature. 

heathen prayer beads necklace - secret lentil

So now you can have some too. Nice solid secular black heathen prayer beads. Or meditation beads. Or overthinking-while-breathing beads. They're a long run of wooden beads, with a handsome but not boastful black oxidized brass ring, strung on sturdy waxed linen.

black heathen prayer beads necklace - secret lentil

• made from: wooden beads, oxidized brass ring, waxed linen thread
• actual measurements: 36 inches long, plus 5 inch extension 
 hand made by me in my studio

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