new this week: striped linen

striped linen clothing from secret lentil

Introducing: Black and white striped linen. It has been fun and fascinating making these dresses. Well, almost all dresses, because the other day out of nowhere all-of-the-sudden-like one turned into a vest. This collection has a lot of great curvy lines, and some nicely draping details and some pleats and plenty of deep, inset black hole pockets. I know these aren't black but I like the name.

A studio visitor-friend this week who was super stressed out stuck his hand in one and said "I want to dive into this pocket and keep going forever." I get it. I do. They don't go on forever, but they are satisfyingly deep. If I'm wrong, and they do go on forever, please send a postcard when you can. Thank you.

hole pocket in striped linen from secret lentil clothing