It happened: Delavan Center Open Studio 2017

Michael Burton artwork

Our open studio. It happened. Was I supposed to mention it here beforehand? Oops. 

The Good: We met lots of lovely new people, saw lots of lovely already-firmly-established people, and hopefully didn't scare away too many other somewhere-in-between people. It was our first year with Mike's art on the walls and that was a magical sea change of veritable magicness. People swooned over Mike's art. They were entranced by the whole wall of it. Several of them brought some home. One of you even saw a picture online and had me set it aside to ship to you. It was good. So good. 

Secret Lentil Open Studio 2017

secret lentil clothing open studio

People really dug the candles. I had my little cash-wrap area set up behind the big table so I got to see the panoply of faces people make as they smell things. It's not subtle. And yes they liked the clothes too! Whew.

The Bad: Over the course of the week leading up to it I ate scrambled eggs with hot dogs plus french onion soup from the freezer for dinner at midnight one night, and at one particular point of panic also ate at McDonald's. It was not the best week of self care I've ever had. Now I have all these delightful cheeses left over plus some crackers and they would make a dang fancy vat of macaroni and cheese but the last thing I want is to extend this carb fest into the coming week. But I probably will.

The Ugly: I can't think of any. Oh wait — yes I can. I had all the clearance clothes stacked on my favorite cart in the world (no, it's not that IKEA cart) and had been referring to it as The Clearance Barge but at some point my brain got so tired that I told someone it was The Garbage Boat. Oops again.

secret lentil windows

Delavan Center Open Studio invitation 2017

artists parking

p.s. good luck telling artists where to park. (Not my car.)