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I stayed up way past my bedtime and at some point, watching Orrin and Enid at the same time seemed like the best idea ever. As a glasses wearer since sixth grade there is no judgment implied here, just a continued fascination with the human condition.



Dyeing fabric is tricky, people. I have this lovely collection of stuff I finished making on Friday and somehow dyeing them claimed my entire weekend. It just wouldn't do what I wanted it to do, but of course it kept lying to me and making it seem as if it did ... so I kept futzing and plunging and mixing up potions and late Sunday tonight — poof — handsome swampy mottled loveliness has been achieved.

BUT AT WHAT COST? I must have gone up and down my cellar stairs eighty-three thousand times. And now, sitting here at my desk, I keep having that lingering feeling that I'm supposed to go check something somewhere, forever. But their transformation is complete and they are waiting politely in a stack, to return to the studio and be photographed as their new, best selves. But first I'll get some sleep.