red stripes, visitors, coffee-groveling

I met a holiday-traveling customer from out of state this weekend at my studio. We had such a solidly good time. I'm still adjusting to how odd-but-not-odd it is to meet people in real life whom we've self-selected from the internet in various ways.

Which is a complicated way of saying: dang, I really like all of you. I know, it sounds gratuitous. I don't mean it to be that way. I mean it as treasured confirmation that I'm doing the right thing with my life when so many of you who like what I make are sweet, generous, edgy hilarious souls who bring me locally roasted coffee.

Okay, come on, that last part was a little manipulative. But I'm leaving it there. *cough* dark roast *cough* Stop now, Helen.  But really, thanks for being here. It means the world to me.

red striped linen dresses and vests from secret lentil

So I made this cluster of linen stripe-ed-ness for you. Something about these red and white stripes ... they just wanted me to do certain things. Odd things! Even when working with the same weight and type of fabric, colors have their own agenda if you listen to them. So I honored their requests. The result is this row of sweet-lovely-odd dresses and vests, plus a porthole collar and porthole shawl.

striped linen shawl from secret lentilstriped linen portal collar from secret lentil