Secret Lentil at Design Outside The Lines

Helen Carter of Secret Lentil

Did you know that I EXIST IN REAL LIFE? It's true. And yes, it's also true that my glasses are usually this crooked. Sometimes more. I truly savor being holed up in my studio, sending out missives and arm warmers and dresses to you but guess what? Me and my witchy hair and sewing machine tattoo will be appearing in the real world (at least) once in the coming months.

I am thrilled to announce that I'll be teaching with the esteemed Diane Ericson at her Design Outside The Lines retreat in February 2018 ... in Santa Barbara California. In Ashland Oregon! The location has changed due to the fires in California.

Helen Carter at Secret Lentil

I'm just going to repeat that name again: Design Outside The Lines. Those words are like music to my ears. It's a five-day hands-on workshop and our theme is "Form Study" — or as I like to call it, "informed chaos" — an exploration of how improvising with forms can help you open up (and/or revolutionize!) the creative process in your sewing work. 

The retreat is held at the gorgeous Ashland Springs Hotel in Ashland Oregon. I hope you'll join us. Read all about it here at Diane Ericson Design.