dream home

Sharing a rough (hewn) start. Today I'm building a vest using two chunks of dyed canvas that are simply big scraps left from a previous project, as is: with rough seams, curves, slits and dangly bits that I'll incorporate into the final design, or maybe just lop off. But I'll wait to do that until I see where the whole piece wants to go.

My construction process involves me making decisions about when to expand and when to diminish the options available to me, until there's a (somewhat) logical conclusion with no choices left and hopefully, the resulting item is both wearable and desirable. I'm always solving a puzzle up until the last detail is put in place. I live in the tension between form and function — honestly, it's my dream home.

secret lentil - work in progress

In this first shot you can see that there's some draping and rough collar shapes helping it start out, but it's boxy, awkward, unappealing. A few minutes later (next slide, please)

secret lentil - work in progress

I've cut some armholes into each section and it's already starting to become friendly to the human form. I can't tell you what happens next because I don't know yet.

p.s. it ended up looking LIKE THIS.

secret lentil canvas vest